page-blogWelcome to my very first blog! I’m excited to finally have a platform to share my recruiting secrets with you. I’ve been recruiting for many different corporations for the last 9 years. Throughout my experience I feel I’ve mastered and conquered the recruiting world and it’s now my time give back.

Last year I was selected out of 5,000 other recruiters in America to star in the hit reality show, Top Recruiter, The Competition. The Producer, Chris Lavoie, selected 5 of the nation’s best recruiters to compete in a series of recruiting challenges in Miami, Florida. My main goal for the show was to share with the audience all of my tips and tricks in finding employment.

The show was an immediate success and had over 500,000 views on YouTube on its first episode and now has a season 2 coming out this fall. The experience was once in a life time and I’m so thankful for the opportunity. However, after filming the show, I felt emptiness in my life. My goal of educating America on how to gain employment was unsuccessful. Instead of moving on with my life, knowing I did not accomplish what I wanted, I got to writing.

Once I started writing The Recruiting Snitch, I realized I needed to get other recruiters thoughts as well. I created a survey and sent it out to hundreds of recruiters across America. To my surprise 101 recruiters completed the survey. These recruiters come from some of the largest corporations in the world and represent over 150 different industries. So the best part about The Recruiting Snitch is that it not only is my opinion and feelings on certain topics but I also have 101 of the nation’s recruiters to back my findings.

Here are the questions answered in my survey.

  • 1. How much time do you spend looking at a resume of an applicant that applies to your position?
  • 2. Where do you get most of your candidates that end up getting hired?
  • 3. What is the average number of open positions you are working on at one time?
  • 4. Do you consider it a red flag when someone leaves a job without a backup?
  • 5. Do you hire someone who may not have all of the qualifications but shows potential?
  • 6. Currently, what types of positions are you hiring for?
  • 7. Do you look at your candidates social media sites?
  • 8. Do you prefer to see an Objective or Career Summary on a resume?
  • 9. How do you like to receive thank-you letters? Email? Handwritten?
  • 10. What advice do you have for college students?
  • 11. What advice do you have for the unemployed?
  • 12. What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to candidates?

To know the outcome, order The Recruiting Snitch today!